Damian Jigalov – Biography

As an infant Damian Jigalov never crawled. At nine months old he stood up and by ten months old he was fully walking. Damian loved motorcycles from a young age – begging his father Adrian to teach him how to ride – and at just three years of age he was riding unassisted aboard a Honda XR50 then onto a Yamaha PW50 and progressing onto a dirt bike the following year. It started off as a hobby between father and son, but Damian had different ideas.

Damian has always been a fast learner, enjoying school from a young age and a model pupil. Riding a motorcycle came very natural to him and his desire to push himself and continually learn has become his driving force. He has also taken the steps to develop his mind and body as a champion working with coaches, sports medicine doctors and technology advisors to ensure he is at his best each time on the track. He is committed to developing all aspects of himself which is evident through his daily and weekly communications and development program.

In 2013, at the age of nine, Damian began road racing with Northwoods GP, a Wisconsin based road racing series aboard a Honda NSR50. His will to learn and listen to his mentors, coupled with his talent, focus and determination enabled Damian to win the Championship in his maiden year. In 2015, Damian took part in the Western Eastern Racing Association (WERA) Championships (following in the footsteps of American MotoGP riders Ben Spies and Nicky Hayden) which has five individual regional championships within the USA. Damian took the title and finished in the points in all five regions, taking several victories and podiums along the way. He was granted his expert licnense at the age of 11, the youngest American to acheive this.

For 2016, he is repeating his success in the WERA Championships (25 wins from 29 starts) and has competed in a wildcard in the Pre Moto3 Italian Championship. The Italian CIV made an exception, allowing Damian to race as a wild card in Mugello where he scored a 5th place on his first outing at the notorious Italian track against riders that were two years his senior. As a result of his performance, the RMU team has offered him a ride in 2017.

Career Highlights

RegionClassTotal PointsChampionship Standing
Mid Central RegionClubman Novice2171
NOLAClubman Novice1201
North Central RegionClubman Novice1341
Northeast / Mid-AtlanticClubman Novice941
Southeast RegionClubman Novice2511
WERA National Challenge SeriesFormula 3642
Southeast RegionLightweight Twins Superbike Nv1231
Mid Central RegionLightweight Twins Superbike Nv922
North Central RegionLightweight Twins Superbike Nv1232
Northeast / Mid-Atlantic RegionLightweight Twins Superbike Nv482
NOLALightweight Twins Superbike493

2015 Highlights WERA (Western Eastern Racing Association)

• 1st National Champion Clubman

• 1st Place 5 Regions in Regional Clubman

• 2nd Formula 3 (Class allows double HP machines)

• Expert license at age eleven

– During the National Clubman Championship, WERA also has National races as well as regional races where racers from all over the country can take part. Damian won the National Championship as well as the Regional Championship. Besides Damian, the riders in these races are 15 to 20 year olds.