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“Thursday free practice was in perfect conditions. Sunny and low 70’s. It felt great to be in the bike and spent the day dialing the bike in for Misano. I have tested here in the past but never raced at Misano. The day went well and stayed at the track until 7pm working with the team to be ready for Q1 Saturday morning.

Friday morning in Q1 I qualified in 12th position. Not where I wanted to be… I pushed as hard as I could and the lap times just didn’t show it. In the test a few months back I was close to 2 seconds faster than my qualifying time and I couldn’t understand why my times weren’t where I expected them to be based on how hard I pushed.

I pushed and was not able to set a better time, and the bike had some slides in a couple fast sections where normally it stayed completely hooked up. Now I hoped for a strong Q2 on Saturday morning. We made some setup changes, looking for a much better pace for the following day’s Q2 in the morning. I stayed late at the track and was very confident we found some areas and some changes to improve on.

There was unexpected rain in the morning Saturday for Q2, but I made it in 5th position! Now it looked like possible wet race the afternoon. I was able to set good times in Q2 and felt very comfortable on the wet track. My starting position remained the same as the previous day.

Saturday afternoon in Race 1 I took P6 in mixed conditions. I was happy with that. After a terrible start I wanted to make up some ground but I also didn’t want to push too hard as riders were crashing in some of the wet areas. I was out on slicks in Mixed conditions, track quickly drying.

Sunday Race 2 wasn’t what I expected – finishing far back. I made a pass towards the end for 11th. After a good pace in morning warm up in mixed conditions I expected a stronger result in the race. The start was delayed after the initial warm up lap due to a rider with a problem and a lot of heat was put in the engine. A second warm up lap immediately and race started.

The clutch was very grabby and my launch was not good. Starting with first lap and all race I had a transmission problem with the trans coming out of gear throughout the race. The bike seemed to downshift itself randomly and I had to upshift back up. This made it difficult to improve and I was glad to just finish the race for the points. I don’t know if I would have matched the pace at the front but I was hoping for a top 6.

Still, mechanical issues happen and we move to next round as a team. The team mechanic stated he is quite sure it the transmission as they experienced the same issue in the past and had thought it was resolved.
We will come back stronger at next round at Mugello July 1-2.

Thank you very much to everyone for your support!